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"Some time later there was an incident involving a vineyard belonging to Naboth the Jezreelite. The vineyard was in Jezreel, close to the palace of Ahab king of Samaria"  (1 Kings 21 )

A Locked Garden

Declaration of closed areas in the West Bank/March 2015

The State of Israel makes sweeping use of closure orders in the West Bank for varied purposes, foremost among them the closure of areas for the declared purpose of military training. This study reveals that the ongoing closure of the overwhelming majority of training areas in the West Bank is not intended to serve “military need,” since in 80% of the area no actually military training is held. The size of these areas, their dispersal, the correlation between them and additional statutory elements that limit the possible Palestinian use of them, such as settlement jurisdictional areas and declared nature reserves, and the fact the Civil Administration continues mapping “state lands” in considerable portions of them and does nothing to evict settlers who enter these areas illegally (even when the lands in question are privately owned by Palestinians) lead to the conclusion that the ongoing closure of these areas is a key layer in the lands regime “orchestrated” by the State of Israel in the West Bank. It appears that the main goal of this regime, then, is to drastically reduce the Palestinian population’s ability to use the land and to transfer as much of it as possible to Israeli settlers.

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Main Findings


of the West Bank and


of Area C is closed to Palestinians

Map of the West Bank

Closed military area

Area A

Area B

of the overall area declared closed for military training purposes is not actually used for training

Israeli settlers today cultivate over 14,000 dunams 

of the closed military areas

Map of the West Bank

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